Infobiotech S.r.l. is a private limited startup company registered in Italy that develops, manufacture and provides technological systems for the science field.

As a company, we exchange and process data and information with our human resources, internal and external collaborators, end users of our systems and we also interact with partners, suppliers, customers and third-party organizations.

We design, develop and manufacture smart and connected electronic devices, that acquire, analyze and exchange information between each other and with other hardware and software systems, using modern IoT (Internet of Things) architectures.

We also provide digital services to our end users through web pages, web applications, APIs (Application Programming Interfaces), native mobile apps and our website (

All our technological systems and digital services manage personal and non-personal data collected, stored and processed according to their purpose and to current regulations. If you're reading this, you're an end user of our digital services.

To inform you about our policies, terms and conditions of our systems and digital services, what information we collect, why and how we use it and what choices you have about it, we wrote a bundle of informational documents which we will keep updated through a dedicated website always available at the URL